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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What can u eat wit RM3.50 at Tumpat?

As U know I came from Tumpat (i noe that dipswitch)
Lots of Food u can eat here
Wit a Price u Never Imagine

Today, for lunch I only spend RM3.50
For an ABC (suit wit dis hot tem)
For a bowl of Kuew Teow Soup
For a glass of Carbonated Drink

An ABC cost RM1.50
Kuew Teow Soup cost Rm1.50
Carbonated drinks, F&N Strawberry Flavour price is RM0.50
They all cost me bout RM3.50 (Seriouly?)

The result is I walk away from the stall
Just like from Seoul Garden (miss dis)
I am so full

If Puncak Alam Just Like This
I can separated RM3000 from my JPA for other thing
It Just Like All My Money
Swept Away by Wind
For Food Only

I Wonder if this would be Happen In Puncak Alam?(Jangan kau Mimpi)

::::and again, he enterprem in my Blog::::

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